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Door-to-Door Bus Program


WAVE operates door-to-door bus programs in the Chelsea area and in the Dexter School District.  WAVE buses are open to everyone who needs a ride with or without a disability or age status.  To reserve a ride, call (734) 475-9494, Monday-Friday, 8 am – 4:15 pm.  If your call is directed to WAVE’s voicemail system, leave your name and telephone number and a dispatcher will return your call when available.

Service Hours
Monday – Friday
8:00 am – 4:30 pm

Shared Rides

Rides on the door-to-door bus are shared rides to keep fares inexpensive.  Make reservation as early as possible.  Same day reservation are sometimes available but are discouraged because of seating and schedule constraints.  Reservations can be made several weeks in advance of appointments.

Standing Ride Appointments

The dispatcher will assist you in making standing ride appointment.  Standing rides are rides that repeat themselves from week-to-week.  For instance, if you have an appointment each week at the same time, day and destination, the dispatcher can automatically schedule a ‘standing ride’ to pick you up each week without having to call back for another reservation.  After setting a standing ride appointment, you would only need to call the dispatcher if your appointment has been cancelled.

Vehicle Accessibility

WAVE vehicles have wheelchair lifts or ramps making them accessible to people using wheelchairs, walkers, and canes.  Tell the dispatcher if you have a visual impairment or if you will be traveling on a wheelchair or scooter, user a walker, need wheelchair lift or require elbow assistance from your door to your bus seat.  WAVE drivers will cheerfully assist you and offer a good ride experience.

Traveling with Packages

Passenger carry-ons must be limited to the equivalent of two (2) grocery bags per person or two pieces of luggage.  If the vehicle is at capacity, you may be required to carry your items on your lap or at your feet.  If a passenger is traveling with a personal-sized cart designed to carry shopping bags, the cart must be secured to the bus with a tie-down strap. Please do not ask drivers to carry or lift heavy or bulky objects or to carry packages on or off vehicles.   Exceptions:  Seniors or disabled riders may ask for assistance carrying two packages to and from the curb when entering or exiting vehicles.

Ride Fares

Children Under 5 Ride free when accompanied by a parent
Personal Care Attendants* Ride free
Seniors, Disabled, and Students $2.50 within the city limits
Seniors, Disabled, and Students $3.00 local outside the city limits
Under Age 60 $5.00 within the city limits
Under Age 60 $6.00 local outside the city limits

*Note:  WAVE does not provide personal care attendants for riders.  Riders that cannot ride independently or who need assistance during rides (i.e. with oxygen or other equipment) must travel with a personal care attendant.

Peersonal Care Attendants always ride free.

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