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New series of mini-grants awarded to innovations in cardiac rehab utilization.

michigan cardiac rehab network grant

Encouraging participation in cardiac rehab for all eligible patients in Michigan


Introducing the Michigan Cardiac Rehabilitation Network

Since 2019, the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Cardiovascular Consortium (BMC2) and the Michigan Value Collaborative (MVC) have worked together to improve cardiac rehabilitation utilization in Michigan. This collaboration led to the creation of the Michigan Cardiac Rehabilitation Network (MiCR), which endeavors to equitably increase participation in cardiac rehabilitation for all eligible individuals in Michigan through stakeholder networking, clinical practice sharing, and dissemination of resources.


Patients regain strength and confidence, and have fewer future cardiac events.


Patients are supported by cardiac professionals, dieticians, and other care providers along their journey.


Patients attend up to 36 sessions, setting a foundation for an active, healthy lifestyle in the future.


Patients connect with other patients in recovery, who understand and provide support.

The Next

Step Toward


MiCR Offers Support

For Providers

MiCR Toolkit

In 2022, MiCR published a Cardiac Rehab Best Practices Toolkit – a guide for physicians, hospitals, and cardiac rehab centers seeking to improve patient enrollment and attendance.

Stakeholder Meetings

MiCR hosts 2-3 stakeholder meetings each year to promote cardiac rehab best practices and allow for networking and knowledge sharing among members.

Cardiac Rehab Reports

The MiCR partners collect and analyze data on cardiac rehab utilization using billed claims and abstracted clinical data. MiCR reports help providers benchmark their site’s CR metrics against peers and over time.

Incentive-Based Programs

MiCR’s founding partners (BMC2 and MVC) both offer and adjudicate pay-for-performance program measures for their partner hospitals tied to cardiac rehab enrollment and utilization.

Patient-Facing Materials

To support clinicians with educating and referring patients, MiCR developed patient-facing materials that can be customized and adapted to your site’s workflow.